The solid Óscar Pérez

Alright, let's chat about the legend that is Óscar "Conejo" Pérez. If you want to wager on other great Mexican goalkeepers, you can make your betting online from 1xBet and win fantastic rewards with it. By the way, the word “Conejo” is Spanish for rabbit. So, Conejo got his nickname because of his agility, not because he's secretly a rabbit in disguise. Born on February 1, 1973, in Mexico City, Pérez started his football journey in the streets, chasing a ball like every football dreamer out there. Fast forward, and he became a goalkeeping maestro, weaving his magic on the pitch. There is your online betting from 1xBet, where extraordinary Mexican football teams are available too. Now, let's talk numbers, as Conejo played for numerous teams, such as: Cruz Azul; Necaxa; Tigres UANL; and Pachuca. His story isn't just about the big names; it's about a keeper who left his mark on Mexican football history.

An unusual talent

Conejo Pérez had a particular aspect. He was only 171 cm tall, which is quite short considering that most goalkeepers tend to be 185 cm tall or more. You are welcomed at the platform - best list of bets is available, and where wagers on great goalies can be found too. However, his great jumping abilities compensated greatly for his seemingly short stature. After all, he was nicknamed conejo, or rabbit, for a reason. Not only he guarded the goal of the teams where he played, he excelled on it. If you talk to fans from Pachuca or Cruz Azul, they will tell you how legendary he was for them. You can explore the best list of bets that can be found at the 1xBet platform, where the best teams from Mexico are always available.

An unusual talent

Needless to say, Conejo also found himself representing the Mexican national team. Between 1997 and 2010 he played a total of 55 matches for the squad, which shows how good of a goalkeeper he was. Whenever the Mexicans play a football match, you can try the website to make live wagers on them. Pérez was the starting goalkeeper at the 2002 FIFA World Cup for Mexico, where, overall, he delivered some good performances. Something unexpected happened at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. At that moment, Pérez was 37 years old, and there were many younger Mexican keepers showing good performances. In fact, Guillermo Ochoa, who is another legendary Mexican keeper, was expected to be the starting goalie at the tournament. By the way, at 1xBet you can always wager on the FIFA World Cup too. However, coach Javier Aguirre had other ideas. He selected Óscar Pérez in a move that shocked Mexican fans. Okay, maybe he was going as 3rd keeper. But no, Aguirre decided to trust Pérez the starting goalkeeper spot, where he performed quite well.

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